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I have a huge drawerful of dress socks, soccer socks, ankle, crew, low cut -- you name it.  My son gets in trouble for taking off his shoes in school.  He loves sandals in the summer.  Then I came across your site on the SPD network page.  I was able to get 3 pair for now.  My son fell in love with these socks and is all he wants to wear.  He is bummed that he can't wear them all 5 days but I told him we are working on getting more socks when we can.  We were blessed with being a winner a few months ago on someones blog about the socks so we at least have the 3 pair.  My son has major sensory issues so these are such a blessing.  We ordered the ankle size Medium but they actually fit him like a crew.  Since there is no heel I know he can wear them longer.  They wash very well and are so durable.  He usually tears through other brands.  Thank you for these.  I am telling all my friends about them. 
Kelle, SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My daughter battles me every morning when I ask her to put her socks on so we can get her on the kindergarten bus on time--she hates the sock seams and no matter how we arrange the socks/tights on her foot, we can't seem to get it so the seam isn't annoying her. I thought this was very strange until I read other people's comments on this web site. I ordered two pairs of socks and when they arrived, she examined them suspiciously--she did spot a line on the sock, but held her foot out reluctantly anyway. When the sock went on, her face lit up and she said "Hey......we can put these socks on anytime!" We've been doing wash every other day to ensure clean socks, so I am ordering more of these!
Deborah, SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

I could never get my son to wear socks before I discovered SmartKnit socks! The PE teacher demanded he wear socks and sneakers to class or he couldn't participate in any playground fun- all he would wear were sandals. Once we started using SmartKnit socks he put his socks and shoes on without complaining! I threw all the other brands out! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Michelle S.SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

We were spending over a half hour every morning just trying to get her socks and shoes on---She would scream and cry and move the socks around --take them off -- turn them inside out-- It was a battle every morning until we found these socks (they are wonderful and we only have bad mornings if all of them are dirty) this is why we are getting ready to order 9 more pair!!! It makes life easier for us!
Christina T., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

It's been a about a year since our five-year-old daughter, who has been diagnosed with both a sensory disorder and anxiety disorder, has been able to wear socks without a full blown, tear filled meltdown. I tried other "seamless" socks, but I quickly realized that what is seamless to one child is surely NOT seamless to our little girl. When I read about SmartKnit socks, I ordered one pair to see if they would work. When they arrived and I told our daughter that her new socks without "bumps" were here, she started to cry and say that she hates socks. I showed them to her, she took them, and she hid under the table. She popped out, wearing both a big smile AND the socks! She exclaimed, "Wow! These really work! I am going to wear them everyday!!!" With tears in my eyes, I called her dad and her grandparents to tell them the news! We will DEFINATELY be ordering more! Thanks from the bottom of! our hearts!!!!
Alice S., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My boy is 7 years old and for years we have been struggling with socks. The seams on socks actually seemed to hurt him. We dreaded anytime winter came along and he could no longer wear sandals. After doing a search online for seamless socks, I found the kids smartknit socks. We tried them out and they are terrific! I only bought three pairs at first, just to try them out, but he wore them all the time, and now we need more. Although the socks are very expensive, compared to the regular ones you can buy in the store, the cost is more than worth it.

Jennifer, SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

My 4 year-old daughter says, "these are the only socks I can wear." After weeks of screaming in the morning, I went online and bought everything that claimed to be seamless. When she put these socks on, she said, "Perfect!" There hasn't been a complaint since. My only concern is that they'll be too hot in the summer, but I suppose that's what sandals are for!
Heather M., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

SmartKnitKIDS Success! My son has very wide feet. With diligence we've been able to find shoes that fit nicely but socks do not come in XXW! Luckily, Therawear was easy to find on the web and my son loves his seamless socks! They are long wearing and stretchy enough to accommodate a growing foot. I've had situations I recall as a child and as an adult when I wore a sock that was too narrow. It feels the same as wearing a shoe that is too narrow! Thanks for all you do!
Victoria W., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My son and I used to get so frustrated when it came to putting on socks and shoes. He would try on every sock in his drawer to find the one that bugged him the least. He also hated when socks would slouch and cause wrinkles in his shoes or snow boots. Sometimes he would come in from playing just to straighten his socks! I decided to give SmartKnit KIDS socks a try. When he put them on, he smiled and let out a sigh of relief. Then he smiled and said, "Thanks Mom!" Not only are these socks super soft and comfortable, they gently hug the foot and don't "slouch". No more uncomfortable wrinkles! He also really love the fact that there is no heal to "line up". He really likes them, and I love that he can just grab a pair of socks and put them on!
Sherri T., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

My 6 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder. I searched high and low for a sock that she can wear. Thank you for providing your seamless socks. She loves them and will not wear any others. Thank you.
Scott W., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

I just wanted to tell you what a stress reliever your kids seemless socks are. I have four sons. My 9 year old has ADHD and PSD. Everymorning use to be such a pain, always arguing about SOCKS!!!! I ordered your socks and WOW! Instantly, no more fights! We are down to the last pair, which have NO HEELS anymore, he insists on wearing them regardless! Needless to say, I just placed another order for 10 more!
Katherine B., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

I had resorted to allowing my 8 year old to wear the same socks for several days in a row because it was such a struggle putting on socks each morning. We would go through 5 pairs with a consistent result for each: "They don't feel right!" I received a sample of your SmartKnit Kids socks from an OT Brochure and they were his size (XL) so we tried them right away. He won't take them off!
Cynthia K., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

My daughter is 11 years old, and doesn't qualify for a lot of OT interventions when it comes to her Sensory Processing Disorder. These SmartKnit Kids socks have been a life-saver. Her mood is MUCH better when her socks aren't bothering her! Thank you for this awesome product at a great price.
Sue F., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

My sister is an occupational therapist and she recommended your product to me. Thank you for having such wonderful socks. Every morning my son would toss his socks out the door of his room - because they weren't 'soft' enough and he refused to wear them. I bought him Smartknitkids socks and he loves them - no more fighting over what socks to wear in the morning!
Kirstin A., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

I hope these socks save the day. My daughter is 4 and is having some serious sock issues. The toe seam drives her nuts, same with her underwear, which I haven't found a solution for that yet. It was probably a year ago, she was putting socks on, and of all things she said, dad I think there's burger in my socks. We thought it was hilarious at first, but now there seams to always be "burger" in them. I really hope your socks help, thank you.
Tara B., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

For my 6 year old daughter, sock seams = extreme frustration and many tears. Living in MN, from September thru May socks are not optional - they're required. We've tried the other brands of self-proclaimed "seamless socks", (socks with hand-linked seams), and to our extreme dissapointment, they didn't solve the issue - they still have horrible, icky seams! The sock battle only heightened, and getting ready to head out the door only became more of a challenge. And then... we found SmartKnit socks for kids. Oh thank goodness! We're so looking forward to a more blissful morning routine, and warm feet!
Marybeth W., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

My five year old son has Autism and with that, a host of sensory processing issues. He has not worn socks since he was two. I found your socks online and ordered three pairs to start. We have incorporated them into his occupational therapy sessions and he is even starting to wear them to school. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him and I am so happy I came across your website. Thank you for making this wonderful product...keep up the good work!
Nina O., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

We recently discovered our daughter has a sensory disorder making seams in socks and clothing very uncomfortable and downright impossible!!!! Since we live in Colorado and cold weather is fast approaching you can imagine how nervous I have been for the winter season with a girl who is only comfortable in flip-flops!!!! My mom discovered your socks and bought a few to see if they would work. She danced and slid all over the hardwood floors excited she was finally comfortable in socks!!!!! She even came up with the great idea to put them under her tights (full of horrible seams) for her Halloween costume!!! They have saved us many a tear and got us out the door on time for school! Thank you!!!!!
Kirk M., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

We have a 6 year old boy who has mild autism & sensory issues. He does not like wearing socks or shoes. We recently tried your SmartKnit kids socks, and for the first time in a long time he is starting to wear socks again. Thanks!
Thomas S., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

I HAVE to tell you what a difference these have made in our lives!!! Before, I could not get my child to put his shoes on - he was always pulling them off, throwing them down and saying his socks had "nuggies" (seams). Since I have purchased, this has not happened once!! These are the only socks he will wear (and the only ones I will buy for peace of mind!!) Thank you!!!
Kira B., SmartKnitKIDS Parent


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