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Smart Summer Play for Children with SPD

Sensory Processing Disorder is a complex disorder that affects both patients and the people who care for them. During the summer months, parents are actively looking for activities to keep their children entertained. For children with SPD, there are certain activities that parents can consider when weighing their options. Whether it is through sensory-safe fun, or through sensory-teaching techniques, there are many summer activities that can help expand boundaries and cater to children who struggle with SPD.  


Water Play

Using something as simple as a slip 'n slide can enhance sensory awareness. By placing objects on a slip ‘n slide to grab while sliding down, children with SPD can learn to associate tactile movements with positive touch. Parents can also consider substituting water with shaving cream for a change in texture. Wearing compression gear while participating in water play can provide a sense of calm while interacting with the elements.



Filling balloons with everyday items like beads, coffee grinds, marbles, cornstarch and water can provide a fun way to enhance games like toss with new textures and sensations.


Frozen Toys

Freezing toys like farm animals, dinosaurs, etc. in a plastic container and giving your little one the challenge of retrieving them is a unique idea that will keep kids cool and provide a fun way to interact with new temperatures.



Getting outside and kicking or throwing a ball is a great way to expend energy and work on coordination. Wearing compression gear underneath common sports uniforms can make children with SPD feel comfortable and allow them to hit the field without anxiety.


Summer is a busy time for parents and children alike. For families dealing with SPD, summer can be especially challenging. Having a playbook of activities that can inspire sensory growth is an important part of surviving the heat as the summer months approach.


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