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Where is my Item Number?

Your Item Number is a 5-digit sequence on the product label on bottom of your box or back of your bag. Product labels can vary. It can typically be found here:

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Where is my DL #, W/O #, or LOT#?

Your DL #, W/O #, or LOT # is the longer number sequence near the Item Number on the product label. It can typically be found here:

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Seams vs. Seamless

Seams vs. Seamless

There is more than one way to knit a sock! Truly. But, most don’t claim to be seamless. Of the ones that do, some of them are just that – a claim. Let’s break them down. Read More

Seamless Technology

SmartKnit® Seamless Socks are made using a patented knitting process much like how a cocoon is spun...  Read More


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